Saturday, February 18, 2012

Don't freak out!!

Yes, our page layout, theme colors, and design is completely different!  I am in the process of updating and rearranging the blog's layout, as to give it a more mature and fitting theme.  As I have grown, so has my blog, and so have my readers.

My posts are no longer directly focused on young single Christian women.  I have emails and comments from people of all walks in life, all ages, all places, all relationship statuses.  That is why you may have notice a shift in my content several months back.

You also may have noticed that I dropped the "" at the end of my domain name.  I am now officially registered under ""  Pass the word along to your friends!  I did this to make a much easier to remember and easier to share link for all of us.

As you also may have noticed, my new e-mail is for those of you with questions or concerns.

I am wanting the new look of the blog to better fit the diversity of the readers and content I have grown into.  I also want it to reflect the book I will one day publish.  I am doing this all on my own, but if any of you excel in graphic design, photography, or arts, you should totally shoot me an email with some suggestions!  Any help is appreciated.

Please feel free to post any critiques or complaints below.  After all, the main focus of this blog is YOU, the reader.  As always, thanks for stopping by.  Look forward to some great content the next two weeks!

Love and Prayers,
Haley Marie