Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ice Capades


Gert: “Char, just fall down! Take one for the team.”
Char: “Why do I have to fall down? You fall down!”
Gert: “Ok, we will think of something else.”

Whoa, sorry.

Let’s back up.

There we were. Ice-skating. More like ice-prowling….grrrrr! (Sick)

We were not so concerned about our figure eights but rather about the figures of the young men on the ice. Not your usual place to meet guys, but we will take anything we can get.  

Our options were limited until we saw them.

Char: “Tall and plaid Gert, tall and plaid.”
Gert: “Let’s move.”

Four very tall and very plaid shirted young men were spotted. Their agility and speed on the ice made it difficult for us not to notice them, but also difficult to catch up with.

They were following us, we were following them. But how to strike up a conversation was a feat to be reckoned with……

We were brainstorming pick-up lines:

1.     -  Do you come here often?
2.     - Your skates are kinda big.
3.     - Whoa, was that a spin!? I’ve been trying to spin all night.
4.     - You guys are kind of out of control, we can’t skate by you.

Needless to say, everything we thought of was garbage. We need to take a course in Spinster Pick-Up Lines.  We even contemplated putting ourselves in physical danger, aka falling, to get their attention.
(Thus our intro…)

So, Char aka Sherlock and Gert aka Watson came up with a brilliant scheme. It was out of the blue and not scripted.

Char: “Hey, are you guys speed-skaters?”
Gert thought bubble: “What is she saying!!!!?”
Char thought bubble: “What did I just say!!!?”

However, it worked!

Proud to say we spent the rest of the evening with these dapper young men and finished the night with hot-chocolate and digit exchange.

Moral of the story, even if you are really really bad at pick-up lines, you CAN still get boys.

Done and Done,

Charlotte and Gertrude