Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yummy Yucky

There is a children’s book called “Yummy Yucky” by Leslie Patricelli that is applicable to a Spinster’s daily life.

The book shows a baby experiencing different things that are “yummy” and “yucky”.

We decided to make our own list of “Yummy Yucky”.

Parties are Yummy                         
Trying to find a wingman or “plus 1” for the party is Yucky

Eating homemade caramels is Yummy    
Muffin topping it over your pants is Yucky

Successfully avoiding someone
 you don’t want to see is Yummy
Making eye contact with said person can be very Yucky

Green arrows while driving are Yummy
Sitting in the turn lane forever and the person
in front of you goes too slowly 
and you miss the arrow is Yucky

Getting a job offer is Yummy
Getting a stalker co-worker is Yucky

Flirting in the library is Yummy.
Having to repack all your stuff after said escapade is Yucky.

 Hoping your day is quite Yummy,

Char and Gertie