Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dating: A Chess Game

Chess: A never ending game 
full of different types of players.

Dating: A never ending game full 
of different types of players.

Wow. Thats uncanny.

For those of you unfamiliar with chess we will explain it in laymans terms.

Piece: Pawn (there’s about 8 of them)
Moves: One space forward.

These little guys are the One Date Wonders. 
Easily disposable.

Piece: Knight
Moves: In a crazy “L” shape.

Be careful. These are not Knights in Shining Armor.
 (Now start singing the song that never ends)

“These are the boyfriends that never end. 
     You just go on and on as friends”

You think you would know their game plan by now but they never cease to surprise you with random texts, an occasional icecream date or hints of a DTR.

Piece: Bishop
Moves: Only diagonal.

Bless their hearts. These are the “Tuesday Tennis” boys. They call you every Tuesday for tennis but got stuck in this rut of creativity and can never seem to promote you to “Saturday Night Girl”.

Piece: Rook
Moves: Straight forward.

Don’t confuse these ones with Rookies. Rooks know what they want. Just like the chess piece they are very forward. And fast. They move from step A to Z in a matter of weeks. Sounds appealing right? But you can’t help feeling like you’re a piece in their chess game.

Piece: Queen
Moves: Any direction.

This is you. You are the most powerful piece in this game. You can knock out any other piece on the board any time you’d like. But don’t get so “queen bee” happy that you end up booting every piece off the board. Keep your options open.  

Piece: King
Moves: One space in any direction.

The pursuit of the King is the reason for this blog.
Once you get the King, game over. You graduate from the SpinsterHOOD.

May the odds ever be in your favor,

Gertrude and Charlotte