Monday, March 12, 2012

Dear Web MD. Stop Lying to Me.

In this day of rising health care and brouhaha socialized medicine blah blah smart people talk blah blah…. A spinster must be prepared!

We can’t just expect to fork over a few Benjamins every time we feel under the weather.

Web MD to the rescue!

Web MD is a website where you can look up your symptoms and diagnose yourself. In a matter of minutes you absorb all the medical knowledge that takes some poor fellas 15 years of medical school to learn! How easy is that?! And best of all‑ It’s free of charge!

Except there’s only one problem.

It lies.

According to Web MD Char has partial blindness, limp of the torn rectus femoris and rabies.
Gertie came out slightly less scathed but still has significant gout and a severe case of
house-maids knee.

Look we don’t want to create waves, but only want to caution you that everything you read on the internet is not real.

Except this blog.

Taking our Flintstones vitamins,

Gertrude and Charlotte