Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mexican Date of 1


“Yeah could I get a bean and cheese burrito please?”
“Anything else?”
“Yeah and a carna asada burrito”
“Anything else?”
“Yeah and a medium rootbeer.”
“Anything else?”
“No that’s it.”

I paused as I “pulled forward” to the next window at my second fav Mexican drive thru. Not only was it 10:32 at night, I was also ordering all this food for myself and started to feel slightly apprehensive as to what Hector would think when he saw, not a herd of starving high school boys in the car, but a lone Spinster.

I like ordering for 2. Even if I’m only 1.

It’s like you’re on a date by yourself.

You get to try multiple things on the menu…
…just like if you were on a date.

You’re out late at night feeling like you’re doing something…
…just like if you were on a date.

…and you don’t have to worry about getting all dolled up! My power bun was stacked so high on my head it was touching the roof of my car.

Therefore, ladies, next time you are feel’in down on Friday night, go take yourself somewhere nice...
                            …like a Mexican drive thru.

 If the rush of going on a date of 1 doesn’t perk you up, the angst of making eye contact with the drive thru worker as he hands over multiple bags of food to you will most definitely get your heart pump’in.

Forgetting the “don’t eat after 6 rule”,