Friday, March 23, 2012

Text Message Roulette

Have you ever gone back and looked 
at text messages you've sent? 
Reading them out of context can be quite amusing. 

Some of the last texts we’ve sent:

“I was SO close to leaving a Zac Efron cut out 
in your room but then I realized you would never give it back.”

         “Got my Ingrid Michaelson tickets.
    I’m officially following you to the concert.”

“Permission to post about squid boy?”

“Shut. Up.”

“The air I breathe in a room absent of you 
is unhealthy.”

                “Well I actually just ate dinner 
                  but I’d go again! 
                 Where do you want to go?”

“Your parents were hippies and mine weren’t! 
  That is so weird!”

“Do you think if I get ready for the party
The Irishman will ask me out again?”

                 “Now that I’ve conquered lacrosse
              my next sport to master will be cricket.”

And now the crème of the crop:

A boy texted Gertie and said:
"What are you doing tonight? 
Got any hot plans?”

Gertie responded:
 “I am sitting in a Moroccan restaurant 
with six cute girls,
 sitting on pillows, with belly dancers 
wandering around the restaurant...
What are you doing?” 

 How many times can you text that in your life?

And then there are always the constant ones 
in your inbox like,

§  “I need your address for my reception!!!!”
§  Or like clock work, every Friday and Saturday night we will get a text from each other saying:

“What are the big plans Gert/Char? You don’t have a date do you?”

The answer to that is usually “no” and so we end up reading old text messages…


Charlotte and Gertrude