Friday, March 2, 2012

Top Finds of February!

Happy Friday everyone!  Hope you are all having a wonderful morning to get your weekend started.  Today's post is actually a compilation of posts.  Forunately, I have been doing extensive blog reading, link searching, and Facebook posting throughout the month of February, and I thought it would be most appropriate to share these good finds with you.   Check out my top 10 finds for this month:

     10.  As I pointed  out  in Wednesday's post "Sacred Secrets of 'The Vow,'" I found this article from Fox News regarding "The Vow," and it has really changed my entire perspective on the plot line and film.  In this article the real life couple is interviewed.  Throughout the interview the couple mentions their reliance on God, and how their story would be nothing without him.  Check it out: Fox News Story: The Vow

     9.  One of my friends shared this link with me on Facebook early in February, and I absolutley loved it.  Mark Dricsoll never ceased to amaze me with the spiritual wisdom and truth that flows out of him.  This particular article speaks to the men, in regards to their finances.  Good stuff. Mark Driscoll: Finance Before Marriage?

     8.  Some of you may have noticed my lack of content during Valentine's week, (Note: It wasn't because I had a stream of endless dates with dreamy men.)  But fortunatley, some of you found my Valentine's Post from last year, which has quickly risen to the top of my "Popular Posts" list for this month, so in case you missed it: My Valentine's Gift From God (2011.)

     7. Several of my friends stumbled upon this video in February.  I think that is a good thing, because the message of this former Victoria's Secret Model needs to be heard.  I admire this woman and her husband.  Check it out: Victoria's Secret Model Quits.

     6. I have never watched "19 Kids and Counting," nor have I fallen into the fad of obsessively reading magazines about the Duggars, but somehow I fell upon this article that gave Michelle Duggar's Tips for a Healthy Marriage.  Surprisingly, I LOVED it!!  So much in fact, I found the whole Sermon Outline.  Check out her valuable message on marriage here.

     5.  Through twists and turns of virtual fate, I suppose, I found an inspiring young blogger, much like myself, who openly and honestly writes about her times with Jesus, adventures in learning about Church planting, and everything in between.  I have come to love her blog in a few short days.  Everyone, meet Breanna and her blog: A Day in the Life of a Crash Team Member.

    4. Although I haven't read the entire thing yet, my friend Andrea has persistently been talking to me about this innovative method for teaching biblical dating.  Obviously being a genius, Matt Lantz created a blook, which is a combined blog and book--I love it!  In his blook, Lantz gives A Method for Dating.

    3.  A brand new blog in the making, LeaNotonUrOwn, is an insightful blog featuring..well, only two posts, but there is sure to be more!  I fell in love with the article "Hands" and it's wisdom that is foundational to discovering truths.  Grab hold of it here.

     2. The Theology of Falling, by Sarah Cunningham, led me to a week-long reflection of my life.  Do I take enough risks?  Am I allowing God to surprise me with an adventuresome spirit?  This guest post on Donald Miller's blog is definitely worth reading.

   1.  With a name like "Just Marinating," you know this blog has to be good.  What a wonderful way to describe meditating on the word!  Derwin L. Gray's post from February 10th is a wonderful article about recognizing when you know you are ready to date.  How do you know..?

Hope you all enjoyed my countdown for this month!  Feel free to leave your own favorites in the comment section below! :)