Sunday, March 18, 2012

Top Ten


Ladies, grab your tissues, snuggies, and popcorn. It is movie time!

We spinsters wanted to make a list of chick flicks that melt our hearts, tickle our fancies, wetten our eyes, or what have you. Perhaps these films are cliche, but honey, you know you have seen them.

1. Sweet Home Alabama
This Southern charmer captures the heart of a spinster as the protagonist is proposed to in Tiffany and Co.

2. Pride and Prejudice
"You have bewitched me body and soul..." We are bewitched by Jane Austen

3. While You Were Sleeping
A coma, love triangle, and falling newspaper boy. This film couldn't get any better.

4. Ever After
Prince Charming. Although he may be extinct (yet to be determined), he did in fact exist at one time.

5. Sleepless in Seattle
Hasn't it always been your dream to meet your guy through the radio? Better start calling Delilah every night.

6. Hitch
Good to see it through a guys perspective....I guess....

7. Pretty in Pink
The 80's was a miraculous era. Crimped bangs? Yes, please.

8. The Princess Bride
Wesley, rodents of unusual size, mawaige, and the pits of despair! This film is inconceivable!

9. You've Got Mail
Wow. Meg Ryan. You made it onto the list twice. Congratulations.

10. The Young Victoria
No one can resist a period drama based on a true story.


 *Disclaimer: Chick flicks are fantasy whereas life is reality.
We spinsters are dangling in the void between the two.