Saturday, March 10, 2012

Want to Contribute to My Next Series?

This past week in the Divine Dating world we have really focused on dreams and the Holy Spirit.  This has lead me to do a complete series on Spiritual Gifts and what they look like in our every day life.  There is a dilemma though.  I don't have every single spiritual gift in a huge capacity!  That's where you come in!  I need your help and insight in describing your main spiritual gift.

What's it look like?  How did you discover it?  How does God use it in you daily?  How does it effect others in your life?

We all have a main spiritual gift, and several others.  I'm interested in hearing about your main spiritual gift!  First things first, if you haven't taken one recently, I need you to take a spiritual gifts assessment test, and figure out what your main one is.  I say recently because our gifts change and shift as we grow.  Below are several different tests I recommend.

Here's a short one:

Medium length:

and here's a longer one:

You can do whichever ones you want! The long one is my favorite, but it does take a while to complete.  After completing your assessment, I then want you to pray and examine your life.  Look at the questions I asked at the beginning of this post.  Once you have answered them, type up a 300-500 word post about your main gift and send it to me at  

Don't worry about the formatting, pictures, or font...I'll take care of all that fancy stuff, I just want your insight!  

I hope you all are as excited as I am.  I can't wait to see what you all come up with! 
 Deadline for submissions is Friday, March 16.