Friday, April 6, 2012

Bits of Conversations....

Bits of Conversations between Charlotte and Gertrude…

“Why wouldn’t he want to date me?! I’m adorable!"

“Well, I went on a date with a conspiracy theorist….somehow we started talking about politics and it just went downhill from there. He thinks Aids and Cancer are not real.”

“Today I went to H&M. Spent $90. And I thought to myself, “Self…you have really outdone yourself.”

“Wait‑ I thought you were on a boy fast.” 
“I am. This date is just going to be a little snack.”

“Junior Year of high school. That was my year. I went on 3 dates a week.”

“Well…got my annual text from Boy. At 10:30. On a Saturday night. Texted me the same thing as last time. I swear he must have a schedule and a list of girls and like clockwork, will text them every couple months just to keep them as “options”.

Things that Boys say to Us...

“Do you curse other guys besides me with Harry Potter curses?"

“Well Char, if you stay up past your 9 o’clock grandma curfew your mind will be blown about what happens at night.”

Date: “Why aren’t you married yet?”
Me: (sarcastically) “I don’t know...Why aren’t you married yet?”
Date: “Oh, I could be. LOTS of options.”

7 year old boy to Gertie: “Why aren’t you married? I have an uncle who isn’t married. He’s lonely. You should marry him. He’s 40.”

Date: “Hey look! There’s a hitch-hiker! We should pick him up! Can you scoot over so he has room to sit by you?”

Boy: “Hey I just wanted to introduce myself, I see you around a lot.
Me: (in my mind) "You humongous idiot! 
                     WE’VE BEEN ON A DATE!!!!"
        (out loud) "Oh hey…nice to meet you."

Kind of Awkward,

Gert and Char