Friday, April 6, 2012

October Baby: Review

I am a few weekends late on writing this, but 2 weekends ago the movie of the year came out in theatres!! You all really, really need to go see October Baby, featuring Rachel Hendrix and Jason Burkey.

Directed by Andrew and Jon Erwin, October Baby is a Christian-based film with a Hollywood-quality that captures the hearts of audience members everywhere.  The plot line involves a 19 year old girl named Hannah (Hendrix) who suffers from many health problems, including her own identity.  She often feel depressed, lonely, and unwanted for no reason at all.

After fainting during a theatrical performance, she and her parents sit down with her doctor to discover all of her long-term health problems were related to one thing: her premature birth due to a failed abortion attempt.

Crushed, confused, and devastated, Hannah questions her parents and finds out that she was also adopted.  These discoveries lead her on a road trip to Mobile, Alabama, where she hopes to seek out her identity in finding her whole story and her real mother.

Without ruining the story line, I will stop by saying this is a movie of reconciliation, friendship, and forgiveness.  If this speaks anything to you at all, this is one of those films where people are silent and still after the movie ends.  Not only did the entire audience at my theatre stay to watch the after video of the actors thoughts, but a large majority sat through the entire string of credits too.

My three friends and I were extremely humbled after watching the film, and two of us sat at my apartment for hours afterwards crying, talking, and discussing the pain of rejection and forgiveness in our own lives.

One particular thing I noticed during the credits we humbly watched, was that the film was supported by dozens of ministries and churches around the nation.  In fact, the movie's website says that the film's producers are donating 10% of the movie's profits to the Every Life is Beautiful Fund, which will help organizations and women facing abortion and other related issues.

Another very inspiring part of the credits, was a hidden story from one of the actresses, Shari Rigby, who actually lived out the character she played in the film.  How inspiring a movie must be to carry the theme of forgiveness throughout the plot line and into the credits as well!

The directors Andrew and Jon Erwin have worked on many other faith-based projects such as Casting Crown's "Until the Whole World Hears" video, God Provides, and Gospel Goes Classic.  I think these two men might be some very under-recognized giants in the faith.  We should praise God for their boldness and thank him and them for stepping out of the Hollywood norm.

As my friend Kaity put it, "If you've had an abortion--go see this movie.  If you haven't had an abortion--go see this movie.  It's out in theatres and extremely fantastic!"

Support life, faith, and forgiveness.  Go watch October Baby this weekend.

Also check out the Resources page on their website for ministry tools and opportunities:

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