Tuesday, April 3, 2012


We have been requested by a viewer to answer the following questions. We are happy to oblige….

1.       Who has our heart?  
Well….he’s super hot. Pretty spicy. We hang out about 3 times a week. He makes us feel warm inside….

And he’s also….a burrito. It’s fine.

2.       If we could commit any crime……we would say exactly what is on our minds when conversing with a male.

3.       The weirdest thing that we love….making conversations uber awkward.

4.       If we had a billion dollars….J. Crew would no longer be under the same management but would be in the hands of two Spinsters who had way too much money on their hands.

5.       If we could have any mode of transportation we would probably pick THIS!!!!!

6.       Our dream job would be….official TP and eggers to boys who have crossed our viewers one too many times.

7.       The celeb we would love to hang out with for 24 hours would be Squid Boy. 

8.       The most obnoxious human trait is biting popsicles!!!!! Ah! Nothing worse than hearing that sound and feeling our own teeth cringe.

9.       Our current job….a spinster….it is a full time job.

10.   A characteristic we wish we had was an off-switch for our rampant, rolling, rollercoaster, raging, ridiculous emotions.

11.   Who would win in a fight between a grilled cheese and a taco…glad you asked…apparently our love for Mexican food is not obvious enough. So, yes, a taco. 

Happy to share our darkest secrets,

Char and Gertie