Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Ring Ring

Let's talk about phone calls....shall we?

It is a spinster's pet peeve to see a missed call from a boy. They always call when you are in the shower, in class, or working. They NEVER call when you are sitting on your bed staring at the phone.

It is always a mystery when they call but don't leave a voice-mail. This situation causes a plethora of possibilities and raises the blood pressure of every spinster!

- Maybe he didn't even mean to call me....he probably hung up right when he heard my name on the greeting.
- Maybe he is stranded in a frozen car about to be buried by 30 tons of snow and didn't have time to leave a voice-mail!
- Maybe he wants to ask me out. But I can't call him back...that would be presumptuous...

Needless to say, this is all ridiculous and the solution is simple

leave a freakin' voice-mail!


Char and Gert