Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spiritual Gift Testimonies: Administration

I hope you are enjoying the spiritual gifts series we have been working through together.  I have been so encouraged by all of the posts I have received from my wonderful friends!  Today's post was written by a beautiful young woman with a bright future in the ministry.  Her and I have been working hard on a new ministry called Cycle Breakers.  She is kicking off our first speaking arrangement this Wednesday at a local church!  Stay tuned for more about that soon! :)
Her spiritual gift is Administration, and here is her journey involving that.

"Almost a month ago, God taught me a cool lesson on spiritual gifts.  It started while a girl was explaining her passion for sharing the gospel.  She literally sees flames on the foreheads of lost people!  She talks to numerous complete strangers about Jesus every day and averages two salvations per week.  Listening to her left me wishing I had the gift of evangelism!

Around the same time, a close friend and I were discussing the real-life dreams of a girl she disciples.  Curiously, my friend began reading a book on dreams and learning about the gift of prophesy.  Then, one night during a group dinner before a BSU event, a guy started explaining how vivid his dreams were, too.  I wanted the gift of prophesy!!

That night, the speaker addressed ways to have a multiplying ministry.  The personal stories he used as examples made it very clear that his spiritual gift is evangelism, like the girl who sees flames.  I was back to coveting the gift of evangelism.

It was during that night, that God told me I needed to do my job.  “Kaity, each of you has a job.  Do yours!  I need you to do your job, not someone else’s!

My spiritual gift is administration.  This has always been obvious, but I never knew it.  When asked, I would tell people my strongest gifts were leadership, service, and encouragement.  I do have these gifts, but none of them are my main spiritual gift.

I never focused on administration, but God is telling me to do so.  I think I ignored it, because I didn’t fully understand it.  I thought it sounded boring.  I thought administration meant I’d be locked in an office all day, by myself, with piles of paperwork, accomplishing nothing for eternity.

Administration is the ability to organize people and resources in a very efficient manner.  I can get entire groups on the same page within seconds.  I plan, organize, and carry out events, all while making sure everything is done correctly, on time, and without waste.

Administrators are very good with details.  We have an extremely strong awareness of how each individual person, or part of the group, is contributing to the overall goal.  We always know if each resource is being used in the best way possible, and immediately fix it, if it is not.

Regardless of how we think our job looks in the eyes of others, our job is important.  Each spiritual gift is necessary for the body to be effective and function properly as a whole.  Seek God out to discover your gift, and do it."

“They charge like warriors; they scale walls like soldiers.  They all march in line, not swerving from their course.  They do not jostle each other; each marches straight ahead.  They plunge through defenses without breaking ranks.”  
Joel 2:7-8

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