Monday, May 28, 2012

And I Think to Myself....What a Wonderful World


As spinsters, it is good to try new things, meet new people, and explore new lands. Spread your wings girls. Spread 'em big and far....

Allow me to share my top five most recent adventures/joys/wanttocursethesky experiences that have come from living thousands of acres from home-sweet-home. 

1. Buying a weekly metro pass for $32.00 on a Saturday and having it sucked up by the blimey machine on Sunday. Wow...really got my money's worth out of that one.

2. Refusing to put sunscreen on my legs because I thought to myself, "Gert, maybe your skin will tan this time around. Greater miracles have occurred you know." Three hours later---lobster legs. 

3. Receiving a sea shell as a gift from a lad I met for two seconds who was visiting from Hawaii. Don't worry, I have his card so that I can "meet up with him if I ever make it to the Islands." (Maybe we should start making business cards and pass them out right and left.)

4. Getting my daily exercise from the broken escalators that are probably three miles tall. 

5. Dreaming of being a hip-hop/rap star when I go to sleep because I hear it booming through my paper-thin windows every night of the week. 

What a wonderful time to be alive!

Wishing I could send you all a postcard,