Monday, May 7, 2012

Creepy or Cute

The funny thing about dating is that two different boys can do the same thing and merit such opposite reactions from the females. “Oh, cute, right?” or “Woof. Creepy!”

For example:
Boy brings flowers to your work.

Cute: You have had a crush on him for two years. 
Creepy: This boy got your number last night and somehow found out where you work.

He says you were in his dream last night. 

Cute: You guys are on the brink of dating

Creepy: The only interaction you have had with this boy is catching him staring at you in bio lab.

He invites you on a road trip with the family. 

Cute: This shows commitment.

Creepy: You’ve overheard his mom saying, “invite her, this will seal the deal.”

Taking lots of pictures when out together.

Cute: He wants to remember how bonita you looked at the sushi bar.

Creepy: Really, 30 pics have just been uploaded to Facebook without you even knowing they were taken?

Wishing that our cute outweighed the creepy,

Char and Gert