Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why Girls Are Crazy


Fun Fact:
This week one of our readers email-interviewed us. She asked us things like why we started the blog, about our worst dates, and what will happen when we finally find our King. Check it out here.
End of Fun Fact.
The focus of this blog generally pokes fun at boys but now the tables have turned. It is time to dissect the female mind.

We are bundles of ticking emotional time bombs.

We salute every male who is brave enough to try and tame the unruly female heart.

Why Girls are Ridiculous:

1. We are unpredictable.

Everything was fine between us yesterday? Well guess what. Today it’s not.

Because…you didn’t send me a “goodnight text” and now I’m all thinking you are not as into this as I am and you were kind of paying attention to other girls at the drive-in and then I saw a picture of my old crush on my phone and am replaying all those memories and why the heck did he never ask me out  but he was kind of a punk and why can’t you just call me instead of texting me because I don’t have all day to sit here and stress out about how committed you are to this relationship. Oh and did I mention I have cramps?

But of course we don’t tell them any of this. 
We just say, “I’m fine.” 

2. We jump to conclusions.

Admit it. The second you start liking a guy you think about the “m” word. Admit it.

3. We are unrealistic.

Sorry, but Mr. Darcy is fiction. No guy in his right mind is going to say, “You have bewitched me body and soul and I lov-I lov-I love you.”

4. We set ridiculous ultimatums.

Ø  “If we haven’t gone on a date by Friday I’m done. I’m never going to call him again."

Ø  Your phone buzzes: “This had better be him if he knows what’s good for him.”

Ø  “If he doesn’t ask me ‘what’s wrong’ when we get in the car then he doesn’t even care about me.”

           the boy sits happily on his end thinking all is well.

Can you imagine dating us?

Getting really good at being unpredictable, jumpy, unrealistic, and giving ultimatums,

Char and Gertrude