Saturday, June 9, 2012

Attorney at the Homeless Shelter


I was recently volunteering at the homeless shelter.

Wow I’m a good person.

K-it was actually for a school assignment.

But seriously, I LOVED it. Highly recommend it. Click here to find a homeless shelter close to your house.


While there I decided to multi-task and find a husband while ladling gravy onto potatoes. I had a few good options and quickly weeded out the best option.

We were in the same serving line so I was brave and introduced myself.

The guy already had so many things going for him.
1)    He was taller than me.
2)    He was good looking.
3)    He was volunteering at the homeless shelter on Saturday morning.

I asked him if he was in school.

Guy: “No..”
Me: (in my mind) Daaaaaaang it!!!
        (out loud) “Oh, well then are you working?”
Guy: “Yeah. I’ve actually graduated”
Me: (in my mind) Yeeeeeeeaaaahh boi!
        (out loud) “Oh really? Cool. So what’s your job?”
Guy: “I’m a lawyer.”

That’s when I knew this was too good to be true. A tall, attractive, compassionate, friendly, graduated lawyer COULDN’T POSSIBLY BE SINGLE. It defies every bit of logic.

I was right. I looked down at his hand and saw the ring.

In my defense….actually I have no excuse. I was just foolish. But he should have been wearing red!!! Gert is always telling me to check for rings. Must must must practice this more often.

Staring at male’s hands from now on,