Friday, June 29, 2012

Charlotte's Bucket List


To do

Milk a cow.
Have a full blown chocolate pudding fight.
         (I have already had a jello one…
but my legs got stuck together like a mermaid.
Explode something in the microwave. On purpose.
Pay for a stranger’s meal at a restaurant.
Get a picture with someone who is famous.
Be completely irresponsible one day.
Take a cooking class and bake crème brulee and not burn it.
Sit in a natural hot spring
Mush a dogsled
Shoot a bow and arrow at an animal
(But try and miss because that would be so sad if I hit it.
 I would probably cry)
Own a pair of Jimmy Choo flats.
Own a black lab.
Style my hair into dreadlocks for a whole summer.


Jump in puddles during a thunderstorm.
Touch the Great Pyramid.
Swim with dolphins.
Go to a movie by myself.
Give someone my autograph.
It may have been on a check at a grocery store but still…
Have a blog.
Race someone in a car.
         (Do I still have safety-first nightmares about it? Yes.)
Wash my hair in a waterfall.
Wink at a stranger.



p.s. What’s on your bucket list?