Sunday, June 10, 2012

Third Wheeler.....

The only thing that is meant to have three wheels is a tricycle.

So, here are some tips on how to NOT be a third wheel.

-          Always know a general head count. Do not agree to attend a movie, eat at a restaurant, or stroll around the park without knowing that there will be more than you, your best friend, and her boyfriend.

-          Straight up tell your girlfriend that you don’t enjoy watching her share a shake with her hubby while you scarf down french-fries because you are sitting in the booth alone. A few depressing sighs will ensure you will not be invited to their next date night.

-          Always have a wing-(wo)man on speed dial. This ensures you will have a companion around who will provide adequate camaraderie.

(Word to the wise…..once you find your significant other, do not invite your friend along to every activity. She knows you love and care for her deeply but does not need to be included in your anniversary or Valentine ’s Day plans. Thanks so much.)

Best of luck in finding your own wheel,

Gertie and Charlotte