Thursday, July 5, 2012

Checking Boys Out…from the Library

My Mom: “Char I am just so frustrated right now!”

Me: “Why?”

My Mom: “I can’t find a good book to read.”

Me: “Dang.”

My Mom: “You know the type of book I’m looking for? The kind of book you can’t wait to snuggle up with again, it’s engaging, you learn things from it…WHERE DO I FIND A BOOK LIKE THIS?”

Me: “Um, Mom? Everything you just said is like dating. But replace the word ‘book' with ‘boy’ and multiply your frustration by a million.”

My Mom: “That would be such a good idea! Treating boys like books! That way other girls could give him a star rating and even make comments online whether they thought he was worth your time!”

Me: “Well that’s a blog post if I’ve ever heard one…”

Amazon recommendations for you:

The much anticipated, highly advertised, and won’t disappoint you upcoming release of….

The Man of Your Dreams

Summary: A decent aged young man who has a few years left in school but has some sort of direction spends his time working at a law firm doing menial jobs which will look killer on a resume. He’s taller than you, pretty nice face but some assembly required when it comes to being in a relationship. Accomplished runner and loves Indian food. 

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****  random date, October 9, 2012

He was a way fun date. Kept the convo flow’in and smelled amazing but didn't feed me :( Great potential though.

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***** reasonable old girlfriend  February 20, 2012

Prima boyfriend. Not too clingy but kept me top priority. I had commitment issues so I had to let him go. But he is a great catch!

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** crazy 18 year old    April 6, 2012
This guy wants to like call me every day. What the heck?! I don’t want a boyfriend!!

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***** secret admirer June 12, 2012
He is so nice to everyone he meets, looks like a younger George Clooney and possibly takes care of his grandma due to her health. Can you get better than this kid?!?

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Wishing I could track my boy order online to see when it was coming,

p.s. While driving I saw a guy I thought I knew…

Char: “Mom! I think I know that guy!”
Mom: “When you’re a hammer, anything is a nail.”

What. The. Heck.