Thursday, July 12, 2012

Husband Hunting with a Pillow

I recently discovered an old pillow that has been passed down my line of sisters. If only I had remembered these tips years ago I could be rock’in me a babe or two!

The pillow has the following instructions:

1. Act bashful.

2. Be cute.

3. Be motherly.

4. Show him that you love housework.
5. Dont argue! He is always right!

6. Dont scold him.

7. Cook special dishes for him.

8. Dont be over-anxious.

9. Show him that you adore children.

10. Dont be sulky.

11. Avoid that boyish look.

12. Dont be too sexy.

13. When you meet his mother, smile!

14. Dont play the field! Concentrate on him.

15. Play hard to get, but not too hard!

16. And if he is the generous type…..grab him!

Hmmm…seems pretty simple.

I believe it requisite to add:
o  “Think before you sass”
o  “Let him have boys nights”
o  “Don’t let him know you are secretly   
     husband hunting him.”

Hoping to absorb this pillow’s knowledge while I sleep,


p.s. WARNING: If you follow this pillow's instructions, you might  lose your personality.