Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Single in the Office

Gert and I have been rather busy Spinsters lately. We both started new grown-up jobs (with some school on the side). There are some definite perks of working full time: no having to write papers or do assignments on Saturday afternoon, eating catered lunch with fancy shmancy people (Gert. Not me) and the overall feeling of “you have arrived to the real world”. However, despite these perks there has been an unexpected increase in the number of people asking about relationship status.

“Are you married or single?”

“So Char, do you have any kids?”
“No, I’m not married.”

“So is it Miss. Or Mrs?”
“It’s Miss.”

One co-worker even said, “It’s okay” after I told her I was single.

I wanted to tell her there was no need to sympathize for my singlehood.

Perks of being single in the office

  • You get to wear awesomely cut-to-fit dress pants and No. 2 pencil skirts (not like married people can’t do that but after you’ve had 3 kids that becomes more difficult) 
  • You can stay later at work if needed with no worries about people needing you at home. 
  • Everyone is excited to ask you what you're doing that weekend because guaranteed your weekend plans are going to sound more interesting than the 40 year old man in the cubicle next to you.
  • Higher-ups compliment you on the “energy” and “blithe” spirit you bring to the team ßtrue story. Had to look up “blithe” in the dictionary when I got home. 
  • You can move around the country for your job easy as pumpkin pie.
  • Grown up job=grown up money=grown up fall blazer and leather boot shopping sprees.

I’m having a hard time seeing the downside to this situation…

Switching out heels for flats under our desks,