Thursday, October 25, 2012

Um, Reality Check!

“Oh, so we met on the beach in Florence while I was studying abroad. He came to shore after a nice dip in the ocean and thought I was the most magnifique woman he had ever seen.”
“Us? Oh we met because he was a fireman and saved me from my burning apartment.”

Come now. Do we ever REAAAALLLY hear these kinds of stories? No. They are in novels and movies but they don’t happen to our friend down the street.
Certainly, there is a one in a billion chance that this would happen---but we don’t like them odds.
We are here to instill some reality into our imaginative and ever-romanticizing minds.
Not trying to be Debbie downers, we promise.  
These are the kinds of stories you really hear.
“So we met because his aunt literally forced him to dial my phone number and ask me on a date because she told her neighbor that she would for sure set us up.”
“We met at school. He was in my math class. After a whole semester of me shamelessly flirting, he finally got my number.”
“His best friend was dating my best friend so we started to see each other a lot.”
This is real life. It isn’t super glamorous. But glamorous is highly over-rated….we guess.
We have simple hopes….
Gert would like to meet her man at a quaint book store, preferably in the Dickens section. Char would like to meet hers at a Taylor Swift concert. Together they could belt out “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”- but then really get together.
We aren’t reaching for the stars here.
Giving you a good slap in the face,
Charlotte and Gertrude