Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh, shopping for one?

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Sometimes we place ourselves in environments where we are palpably, blatantly, obviously, clearly, and extremely single.
Let’s talk about the grocery store, or what we like to call “the Spinster dungeon.”
“I LOVE grocery shopping!” (said no one ever)
You walk into the entryway and grab a shopping basket because you don’t need a cart. This is the first hint that you are shopping for you and you alone.
Next, you wander the aisles and grab ONE can of soup and ONE box of cereal that you want to throw at the couple next to you because they are searching for the best cut of meat for their romantic dinner that they are cooking together. (Bitter much?)
The only things in your basket that show you might be shopping for two are your heaping bags of Oreos and Elmer Fudge cookies because they were on sale--two for one!…and because you just really like cookies.
Well, spinsters have to eat too so it looks like the grocery store cannot be avoided (unless you are loaded and can afford to eat out for every meal. Not us.)
It is a conundrum. Food or cautious hermitage? Food wins every time!

Constantly fighting the dragons,
Charlotte and Gertrude

P.S. One day it will be nice to have someone else around to carry the groceries so you don’t cut off your blood flow with your 17 plastic bags digging into your frail arms.