Friday, November 16, 2012

Snoring ain't boring


At 2 a.m my sister who was under the weather had an idea.

 drove over to my house
opened the door with a spare key
 came into my room
opened all my dresser drawers till she found some medicine
closed the drawers
shut my door
 and drove back to her house.


Is anyone else alarmed here? That despite my house being broken into, doors opening, dresser drawers being slammed, and medicine bottles shaking, I SLEPT LIKE A BABY.

It has happened to me before.

When I was in high school my house’s carbon monoxide alarm went off and my parents opened my bedroom door, turned on the lights, opened my windows, were talking to each other about what was making the alarm go off


I slept through it.

I just wish I could use this deep sleep talent to my advantage….

  • Like yesterday when the white Honda and blue Camry’s wreck debris were covering the road and traffic was at a sandstill…
  • Or when you’re the only one in the library waiting for everyone to get there to work on your group project. (Yes we were supposed to meet at 11. Not 11:20.)
  • Or when you wake up in the middle of the night and reality and fantasy are mixed and the weirdest pieces of your day combine into one hot mess smoothie.
  • Or on a bad date…  (oh wait…one time my date actually did lie down two chairs away from me at a movie theater and fell asleep. That was fun. )
Off to bed,