Monday, December 10, 2012

Feast or Famine: Dating during the Holidays

The Holidays are either feast or famine when it comes to dates. You either have to say no to one date because you already have 2 or you are home listening to the Home Alone soundtrack. Again.

Therefore we are here to give you some recipes to make your holidays….um….livable?

Ice Skating Date Pastry 

2 tsp. of 1stdate nervousness
 3 pairs of socks
 Braided hair. No. Too hippy. Pony. No. Too childish. Down? Great. Your hair will be a wet frizz in a matter of moments. Okay. Shove it all under a hat.
 1 tsp. fantasy
1 cup logic

Gently slice your time in half because he has come 20 minutes too early…thus the hair scenario. Wipe the sweat from your now blotchy foundation as his seat warmer and 80 degree car make you curse wearing 3 pairs of socks. Step out of the 80 degree car and onto the negative 80 degree ice skating rink. Curse you didn’t wear 6 pairs of socks. Pretend you know how to put on ice skates. Laugh awkwardly as your date helps you put them on. Smear away your bright red face and the sign “Rookie” from your forehead.

Mix together the 1 tsp. fantasy and 1 cup of logic. The fantasy will begin to rise as you step out on the ice with your date and you imagine “All I Want for Christmas is You” will start playing as you two skate to the altar. Allow the 1 cup of logic to simmer then come to a boil as two junior high hooligans almost send you careening to your death. Realize that holding hands with this boy on the first date would be weird. And dangerous. Hold on to the side rail and don’t let go until he hands you a cup of flaming hot cocoa. Burn your tongue.

For some great tips on how to pick up on boys ice skating read our last year’s post. 

Secluded Friday Night Danish


1 subscription to Hulu Plus
6 new Next Iron Chef episodes
Microwaveable caramel popcorn
½ cup self pity
3 oz. secret excitement
7 layers of blankets
1 turned off phone


Let self pity come to a boil as you stir in caramel popcorn. Let simmer. Realize Hulu has Next Iron Chef. Stir in 3 oz. of excitement. Keep phone on long enough to realize you’re not going out tonight. Turn off. Layer blankets one on top of the other. Melt into peaceful seclusion. Absorb the rejuvenation.

Wishing you the perfect balance between feast and famine this Holiday season, 

Gert and Char