Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Things that only happen when you’re a Spinster


Below are some “special moments” we get to experience as Spinsters. You should treasure these times because really, what other demographic in the world has such crazy things happen to them? (p.s. “special moments” fall into the same category of “it’s fine…”

1) You get a voicemail from a recent ex-boyfriend singing…

…except he didn’t know he butt dialed you and stops mid song. That must have been a fun check of “recent calls” and saw your name…

2) You get set up with someone you already know.

If he had wanted to take you on a date he would have already….What are you supposed to say when they call? “

“Oh hey! So I know you already know who I am but I guess someone else had to instruct you to take me on a date…Aren’t you glad now?”

3) Old boyfriends log in names come up on your email and Facebook.

4) Relatives give you confused looks when you say you’re not dating anyone.  WHY ARE YOU CONFUSED? Being single is a real thing.

5) You get your very own “Ms.” box to check by your name at the DMV.

It’s fine…

Char and Gert