Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's Not Just a Game-pt. 2

(...Continuing from Part 1)

GUYS:  1. You are equally as stupid, 2. It's not your fault you're stupid, 3. you're worth more.
     Point one:  You are equally as stupid in the fact that I can tell any girl three simple rules to follow in the right setting and in a matter of minutes you two would be eating out of her hand.  How do I know this stupid stuff?  Because it's all a silly stupid game.  Flirting and dating is all meaningless.  How wildly easy it is to catch a target of the opposite sex.  I have had numerous conversations with guys who are well known with the ladies, and they all seem so surprised that I know the tricks to their trade.  What is more, they are appalled that I can name the tricks that women play so easily on them!  The heart of a man needs to know that he has what it takes, that he is the stronger sex (in many different aspects), and that he will not be rejected by the woman he wants.  Therefore, a woman needs only to touch on these three things and you melt to pieces.  Understand your heart by reading these past posts:  A One Woman ManMaking the Standand Rise Up Warrior!
    Point two and three:  It's not your fault for a few reasons.  First I will throw your default card that we all know very well (at least we should all know this), you are wired differently.  Men were created very visual, very sexual, and very physical...ladies, not as much.  Second, there is something wrong deep down in your heart that God needs to affirm.  The three things in your heart I mentioned earlier need God's affirmation or you will seek answers from any woman who pays attention to you.  Like the girls, you too need to take a journey into your masculinity with the Lord and seek out his perspective on things.  I suggest reading Wild at Heart, by John Elderedge.

TO ALL: If you are on the player side of the dating game, stop and ask yourself if you are treating your brothers and sisters in a Christ-like manner.  Are you pointing them to the gospel?  Is God's grace and forgiveness a theme in your life?  Can they quickly see the light of the Holy Spirit in your actions and words? Or are you fending for Satan by helping others fall into lies about their identity, their heart, and their eternity?

The victim side needs to ask, am I trusting God to lead my dating life or am I falling for anything?  Am I prayerfully seeking God's will or am I shallowly jumping into the hands of strangers?  Would God be pleased with how you've handled his most precious gift... your heart?  Does the way you handle your heart honor the Lord and point others to do the same, or is it causing everyone more pain and destruction than necessary?

I love you all dearly and pray that the Lord uses this to open your eyes.  YOU are worth more.  I see it.  God has a plan for you and he sees your value.  Pray that he would open your eyes to see your own value and to cherish it the way he wants you to cherish it.  You must love yourself fully in order to love others at all.