Saturday, February 2, 2013

Founder of the Mouse Graveyard


Ahh…the holidays.  A great time to sit back, relax, and balance your freaking checkbook.


One THOUSAND dollars down the hatch last month?

I wish with all my dreams that I had spent that money on this.

But instead I got to spend it on my car.

Oil Change

And then the little surprise that came in my air filter.

A little unexpected bundle of cash was dished out to the car place when they found a DEAD MOUSE in my air filter.

MmmMmmMmm….nothing like breathing in dead mouse for who knows how long. My favorite.

But the best was when I was telling Gert about this on the phone she interrupted me and said, “Can I get a bag?” to a cashier. It’s okay. She was shopping. Wish I had spend my money on something fun instead of funding a mouse graveyard.

Someone told me one time though that every time something annoying happens it’s secretly a blessing. Let’s try it, shall we?

Ø  I’m thankful I have auto bills to pay because that means I have a car.
Ø  I’m thankful my hair snarled around my elastic band this morning because that means I have hair.
Ø  I’m thankful I burned the living blazes out of my hand on the soup pot today because now I smell like Aloe Vera and I’m pretending it’s summertime.
Ø  I’m thankful I am sick tonight because I have been reminded about the beautiful restorative powers of Coke (straight up regular Coke. No DC.)

Posting a “No Vacancy” sign on the bonnet of my car,