Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Heart as a Target

Our beautiful friend Meggers threw the most darling Ladies Valentines Brunch.

Heart plates
Pendants with our names
Paint color samples as utensil holders
Homemade love notes
Crepes from scratch

Then our other beautiful friend wrapped individual cookie packages with notes for each of us.

Needless to say we felt very pampered.

After brunch I couldn’t get over how stink’in cute my girlfriends are. This feeling of gratitude quickly turned into a need to be crafty and stylish myself. A little retail therapy was in order. M’s house was so cute. I needed decorations. And heart plates. And a new mirror. And candles.

Oh, what’s that? Target is 2 blocks away?


As I was holding up a hideous pair of floral skinny jeans up to myself in the clothing section I heard a, “Char!” I look over and it was Joce. She confessed that she too felt the need to be as cute as our friends and had a shopping basket brimming with oxfords, new lipstick, and other things I wanted to steal from her basket. We laughed that we both needed retail therapy after such a darling morning.

I went to the shoe department to try on the oxfords I just saw Joce had when I heard, “Char!”. T’was Linds. Equipped with new white frames she too had been bitten by the decorating bug and had felt the need to spend money to boost her spirits.

We laughed and called Joce over. As the three of us were laughing at how ironic it was that we all ended up needing retail therapy, who should come around the corner but our other friend Mar.

Four of us had ended up at Target in an attempt to be as talented and crafty as our friends.

Hoping to absorb my friends' awesomeness by osmosis,

p.s. My Target experiences did not bestow mad Pinterest talent upon me but they did bring me these little beauties. Thank you Target for existing. You make my life a happier place.