Thursday, March 7, 2013

La la la I'm Not Listening


You know that line in the Princess Bride when the scraggly woman boos Buttercup for letting go of love and that she had it right in her hands and let it slip away? She uses harsh words like “putrescence” and “garbage.” Brutal.  

Well, this happens to us. All.of.the.time.

We have all experienced our mothers, aunties, grannies, and even our friends bemoaning us for letting a guy slip through our fingers.

Ugh, leave us be!

As if we don’t know who we want to date. We know everything.

We have all heard lines like this…

“Gert, you are THE pickiest person ever.”

Response: “Mom, just because he is potentially going to med school does not mean I need to walk down the aisle.”

“Char, he is tall. Why on earth wouldn’t you date him?”

Response: “Great…so now height is the only quality I should look for?”

You will be pestered, prodded, provoked, and pressured. But hold fast. You know what you are looking for.

It’s ok to be picky. This is a little more important than picking your nail color for the week….perhaps…..

Plant those feet, ladies. Plant those feet.

Charlotte and Gertrude