Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wanted: A Happy Medium

A Happy Medium.

It’s all we’re asking for people. A happy medium where boys can be fun, yet driven. Where he will want to spend time with you, yet knows he has to do his homework. This is one situation where we’d love to have someone lukewarm.  Not ice cold boring, not burning up with fun. A nice, balanced teeter-totter of priorities and enthusiasm.

Pulling the Move

Situation A:
Spinster and Boy are on hike with a few couples. Boy tries to hold Spinster’s hand the whole way down. Boy tells Spinster it’s dark, it’s dangerous, needs to hold her hand. Spinster kindly hints she doesn’t want to hold his hand. It’s a first date. Kind of weird. In the car Boy asks if he can put his arm around her. Spinster again kindly, yet more firmly this time, says no. He puts arm around her anyway and she lifts it off of her. No means no.

Situation B:
Spinster interested in Fella and after he asks her on a few dates decides to make him dinner. After dinner she sits on the couch, maybe hoping for a nice snuggle or talk. Fella sits on OTHER couch. Does not get within 3 feet of Spinster all night.

Wonky priorities

Situation A:
Man is applying for Law School, taking LSAT, volunteers at Big Brothers Big Sisters, does triathlons, on an indoor soccer team, working for his uncle on the side as a sales rep for blah blah blah company, great wit, tall…the perfect catch. Only one thing missing. His schedule is too busy for a girlfriend.

Situation B:
Guy is going to school but only part time because he’s president of his frat. Working at outdoor retailor also part-time because he needs time to “focus on boarding”. Will hang out with Spinster every single day if she wanted. Would skip work and school to do so. This sounds wonderful. All except for the part where he isn’t really shooting for anything in his future.

Trying on only mediums from here on out,

Gertrude & Charlotte