Thursday, April 4, 2013

Are you flirting with me or just being polite?

We Spinsters look for the teeniest, tiniest speck of something that could be a flirtation.

Someone on campus holds the door for you.
You get a smile from the guy driving in the lane next to you.
The bank teller asks how your day is going.

….and we automatically assume they are flirting with us.

Now this could be taken in many different ways. You could be offended that the super uncute guy sitting next to you moves his coat so that you can have a seat on the bus. Hello…can’t he see I’m not his type!??! Sometimes we think we’re super hot and untouchable.

But then there’s the fella who you see kind of consistently in the library and he always gives you a smile. We again, think we’re pretty hot and think, “Oh yeah…of course he smiles at me. I’m the best look’in girl in this building!”

Too bad that we never dig a little deeper and think, maybe the guy moved his coat to just be polite, and maybe the guy smile because he works at the front desk and is required, by his job, to smile at every customer.

Like when we went out for dinner the other night. Just us girls. There was a waiter (roughly our age…I don’t know…when you’re twenty/thirty something all ages blur). Our waiter friend would not leave us alone. Asked us how our meal was going. Double checked orders. Gave us enough water to fill a canal. Cleared plates. Brought extra plates. Asked if we wanted dessert. He probably had a crush on our friend J. But of course we never think that he’s probably wanting a phat tip and for us to wrap up our incredibly loud and laughing conversation so that he can seat the people who’d been waiting for ½ an hour.

All we’re saying is things need to be a little more obvious around here.

If you’re flirting with me put a thought bubble above your head and say, “I’m flirting with you.” If you’re not say, “I am being a polite gentleman.”…. How ‘bout that….they’re not extinct.

Handing out thought bubbles,
Gertrude and Charlotte