Monday, April 29, 2013

Things I am not proud of…

While shopping I pretend I don’t see the “no shopping carts in changing room” sign as I awkwardly ram my cart into the tiny walls. You can’t put a limit on the number of items I’m trying on. You’re not my real mom.

You know you have a fear of commitment when your itunes wishlist is officially on its 3rd page and you are just You Tubing the songs you might buy one day…when you’re emotionally ready.

I have a hard time clicking on the lid of my gas tank every time I fill up. I have no upper body strength.

Someone told me recently “Those who can’t do, teach.” That means if you can’t do something, you teach others how to do it. We’ve decided that is us and this blog. We obviously have no idea what we’re doing when it comes to dating so we’re teaching you guys how. How does that make you feel?

I heard a Hillary Duff song on the radio and knew every word

I decided recently I needed a whole new wardrobe.
And then I checked my debit account.
Not happening.
But something amazing happened. I started doing my hair and makeup in the morning and I started looking really cute in the clothes I already had! I in fact did not need to blow ½ of this month’s pay check at Nordstrom rack, I just needed to shower.