Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Little Girl in a Big World


Meet our Spinster guest.

You know those girls you look at and you’re like, “Dang. You’re kind of awesome.”

That’s Kylee.

Even though she claims to be little, she is kind of a big deal.

Real, funny and classy.

 What is your “go-to” stay home Friday night movie?
500 days of summer is my go-to movie any day of the week. i know nearly every line, i love zooey, the music is amazing, and i totally relate to tom (i'm the over excited want-to-be girl friend). i can't call myself a true fan if i don't include the harry potter series in my answer, i'm still mourning the end of those midnight premiers. plus i'm in love with that thing you do (breaking my heart into a million pieces, like you always doooo – spinster plug?). i watch a lot of movies on friday night, its fine.

What is (one of) your most awkward boy stories?
i'm trying really hard to think of a good one, but the best i've got is an awkward kiss. and it's mostly just awkward because he's super tall, i'm super short, he really liked me, and i didn't like him. he totally surprised me with the kiss (it was like a bee swarming in for the surprise sting); and then he ran away right after, literally kissed and ran. maybe it was the sprinting away that made the whole thing so awkward. come to think of it, it's actually more hilarious than awkward now.

  What’s your best hair tip?
don't grow old, grey hair sucks. really though, i've had grey hair for way too long now. so i guess my tip is save yourself some salon money so you can get your hair dyed every so often. got to look fresh for all those greying, balding men out there. but if for some reason you're that lucky girl with gorgeous grey-less locks, then my tip is to keep doing what you're doing.

Who is your idol?                                                                                                                      zooey deschanel. her hair (her bangs!), her voice, her clothes, her style, her eyes, her everything. i might have tweeted her once hoping for a response (no such luck). i'm super stoked for the she & him concert (yes, zooey is in a band) and i'm secretly hoping i find a way to meet her. as much as i love zooey, i love my mom more. she is the real idol here, the one that i'm lucky to know and grateful to have.
What makes you mad?
                                                                                                           maybe i should just group this answer into one general word: texting. there's the no text back issue… you don't want to talk to me? fine, but at least tell me to bug off or something. but worse, is the text break-up… you were with me last night but by all means, wait a couple days to do it over text. i love social media (texting included), but it's ruining our social skills and love lives.
What do you wish you could tell guys?
i kind of wish i could tell just one guy in particular that i might really like him and might want something to happen so he should either save me the heartache now or be willing to like me back. why is it so hard to say stuff like that in person?

In one word how would you describe your love life?

What is the best part about being a Spinster?
if being single means i can go to concerts whenever i want, then maybe being single isn't so bad. music is my boyfriend.


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