Saturday, June 8, 2013

Gett'in the Scoop


So there I was at the bank. Minding by own monetary business.

When it happened.

An old neighbor swooped through the air like an eagle, hungry for my personal life.

Now, it would be one thing if we had a relationship to build off of this sudden interest in my life but it truly was out of the blue.

She asked, ‘Well…have you been BUSY?” raising her eyebrows rapidly.

“Um…yeah. Work and school and stuff. I just got a new job.”

“Oh really? Anything else?

I was starting to think the poor woman had a condition that made her widen her eyes that wide at me.

“My sister just had a baby so I see her a lot” (Atta girl Char. Throw her off your scent.  She’s not getting anything about dating out of you. I should have told her 31 flavors was down the street if she wanted the scoop. 

She couldn’t help herself though. I suspect other Spinsters give in easier than I do.

“And BOYS????”

AHHH….there we go. No getting around this one.

“Oh you know….just having fun.”

Cue her speech.

“Well, MY son Rob took awhile to get married too. He just really took his time and I was really worried. I didn’t know what he was doing waiting that long. And then he finally found a great girl. He realized after awhile he just really needed to settle down.”

Then, with concerned eyes and as much force as she could muster in a whisper,

“Marriage really is a blessing.”

Bless her heart.

I should have told her I put the “in” in Spinster.

Going through the bank drive thru from now on,