Tuesday, July 16, 2013

5 Love Languages

Ever heard of the 5 Love Languages

 It’s the idea that you have a way you like to receive/give love. Everyone has their own.

Acts of Service
Receiving Gifts
Words of Affirmation
Quality Time
Physical Touch

I am definitely a Words of Affirmation girl.

Defintion: Words of Affirmation: verb. To speak lovely things to another.

I was dating someone at the time who I thought I’d try it out on! (such a good idea, right?)

Char: “So I’ve been thinking, I would really like it if you would write me little notes or something sometime. I just really like that kind of stuff.”

Ex: “I don’t feel like I need to do that.”

Char: “No see, that’s the point. I read this book where it said I needed to tell you the way I feel loved. And I feel loved when you shoot me a text to say you’re thinking about me or that you think I look nice today.”

Ex: “Yeah I don’t do that.”

Char: “Yeah could you start? And I could start showing you that I care about you in the ways you like. What do I do that makes you feel loved? Do you like when I bake you cookies or go running with you or tickle your back?”

Ex: “I don’t feel like that’s an area that I need to improve in. I don’t need to start writing you notes.”

Char: Okay…he’s graduated from college. I think he should be able to get his.
“Alright so what I’m trying to say is I need you to express your appreciation for me a little more and I can do the same for you.”

Ex: “Yeah I don’t feel I need to do that.”

Is it just me or is there a br-br-broken record in here?

Apparently we were speaking different languages.