Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Well, which is it?


One time I went to the grocery store with my little brother to buy some rice krispie treat ingredients (you know, the essentials). The cashier asked my brother if he was excited to help "his mommy" (me) make the treats. 

My little brother is 6.

No, cashier lady, I am not his mother. But thank you for supposing that I am much older than I am. 


Now riddle me this.

On my last plane ride, the flight attendant asked me where my guardian would be picking me up at the airport. She said she had to make sure that everyone 16 and younger was accounted for.

I'm sorry- what? 

I told her my age and left it at that. But deep down I wanted to explain to her that I am indeed a working woman and that this flight was in fact part of very "important" work travel.

So what is it world?

Do I look young or old?

It messes with my head a bit. 

Gertie (for the young soul in me) or Gertrude (to match the wrinkles) whatever tickles your fancy....