Friday, September 6, 2013

Gert and Char: Reloaded


Now that we live in the same state again, we have….

Had a reunion brunch. All sorts of fancy delicacies were eaten.

We go on walk and talks. We don’t run. We talk about boys and our feelings.

We mock social media but secretly use some of it.

We justify each other’s impulse purchases.

In all the years we’ve been kindred spirits, we have never gone on a double date together. Apparently people like us better when we’re apart. Whatever.

We like old buildings and vintage furniture. Not because that’s hip these days but because we read books like Bleak House.

Char tries to persuade Gert to get back on Pinterest and covet with her.

Gert treats Char to lunch for graduating.

We frown upon V-necks on guys.

Happy summer ladies,

Charlotte and Gertrude